NORTH-EAST MPs have called on the Government to give the region the education funds it needs.

Eleven of the regions MPs have signed a motion which urges the Government to take action on the estimated £119m real terms cuts that North-East schools face by 2020.

An independent report by the National Audit Office found schools across England need to make total savings of £3bn by 2020 to cope with increasing costs.

The National Union of Teachers estimate the savings needed in the North-East is equivalent to losing 3,203 teachers.

Tom Blenkinsop, MP for Middlesbrough South and east Cleveland, said the findings are “extremely worrying” for the North-East.

“The National Audits Office’s findings show that the Government’s current plans for funding our schools aren’t good enough.

“Either our schools will have to make deep cuts that will affect the education of young people in our area or the Government will have to stump up more cash.”

Redcar MP Anna Turley said cuts to education “should not be on the agenda”, whilst Alex Cunningham , MP for Stockton North, said there had been a “constant shift” of resources from the North to the South under the current government.

Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson added: “Figures show that funding per pupil in Sedgefield will fall by £369 by 2020.

“This will do considerable harm to young people and their life chances.”