AN EDUCATION charity aimed at tackling inequality is heading to the North of England.

London-based Shine claims it will be the only specialist funder of education to be based and focused specifically in the region when it relocates to Leeds.

It will work to improve outcomes in early years and the first few years of secondary school.

Cameron Ogden, chairman of SHINE, said: “The charity expects to invest at least £1 million per year in areas of deprivation across the North-East, North-West and Yorkshire and Humber regions.”

The charity was founded in 1999 by a group of philanthropists to help tackle educational inequality and strives to give children the opportunity to acquire the skills and confidence needed to turn their potential into success at school and beyond.

The move is part of the charity’s bid to work out of the so-called Northern Powerhouse. Lord Jim O’Neill, a founding member of Shine who is on the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, is re-joining the board to help deliver its vision.

He said: “I’m delighted to be coming back to work with Shine in its efforts to help improve the educational outcomes for the most disadvantaged.”