PARENTS have been targeted by a fake Facebook page which threatened to remove pupils from a primary school after complaints about jam sandwiches.

Police in Stokesley have alerted parents to the fake social media account, which claimed to be the official page of Kirkby and Great Broughton Primary School in North Yorkshire.

Consett Stanley Advertiser:

The Facebook page, which carried a photograph of the school, appeared legitimate until parents began posting their concerns about sandwiches being offered to pupils as an alternative to the hot meal choice at lunch time.

Several parents posted that on one occasion children had been given jam sandwiches.

One parent wrote: “The whole point of school dinners is to give children a nutritional meal I thought? I think every mum in the school could do better than jam sandwiches!”

In response, the fake page posted: “If you’re not happy with the way we provide school meals, you are more than welcome to transfer your children to other nearby primary schools.

"Also, you are more than welcome to provide your own child with a packed lunch, if you can find the time. Kind Regards.”

The hoaxer then took the issue further, adding: “Based on your recent comments, which we deem inappropriate and inflammatory, we are currently reviewing the status of your children’s enrollment in our school.

"You will be informed of our decisions shortly. Kind Regards.”

Stokesley Police stated on its own official Facebook page that it had been made aware of inappropriate messages being posted under the name of Kirkby and Great Broughton Primary School, adding: “This page is NOT affiliated with the school, the school does not have a Facebook page and they do not intend to create one.

"Please be encouraged not to engage any further on this page and remove it from your personal profile.”

The posts have now been removed, but the Facebook page remains, condemning "negativity and inflammatory comments" by parents.

It adds: "We do not condone this behaviour, as we believe it will negatively impact our children. There must be a fine balance between home and school influences. At present, due to the actions of a select few, this balance has been upset. Many thanks.”

The primary school did not wish to comment on the matter, but it is believed it alerted parents to the fact the Facebook account was a hoax.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “This incident was reported to North Yorkshire Police and advice was given to help resolve the matter.”