LAMENT the summer’s passing if you must, but autumn always brings a harvest of new looks to delight decor divas.

“Rooms can become as stale as wardrobes unless they’re revised and updated occasionally,” says Linda Holmes from online furnishings store Lux- Deco.

“It can be fun to ‘tweak’ a room by introducing a statement piece, a different or more fashionable wall colour or simply having a mini-splurge on lamps, throws and cushions.”

Decor experts have some great ideas for celebrating the change of season.

Go with the grain:

Natural materials and beautiful craftsmanship are the essential ingredients of what’s been loosely dubbed Scandistyle.

Calm, uncluttered spaces, pale blonde woods and subtle hints of nature in wall panels or accessories will conjure up a pared-back scheme.

Classic elegance:

Glamour and opulence are taking centre stage this season, with elegant furniture, lighting or even a few elaborate accessories being at the centre of this sophisticated setting.

“A classic contemporary look is, by definition, a timeless style,” says Linda. “Silhouettes should be tailored and combined with refined finishes and tactile textures. Pay attention to even the smallest of details, whether that’s subtle buttoning on sofa backs or pops of colour in silk cushions.

Investment pieces and harmonious colour palettes ensure this look will never date.”

Plum perfect:

“Get fruity is the message this season. After all, what better way is there to liven up a lacklustre interior than with a rich berry palette?” says Sarah Quilliam, head of product design at blinds specialists, Hillarys.

“Berry colours are exuberant, versatile and the perfect way to add drama and warmth to a home. This trend is full of variety, with choices ranging from luscious cranberry, grape and raspberry through to dark burgundy and purple – plus everything inbetween.

For a modern twist and an eclectic look, combine rich claret with punchy coral.”

Feeling blue:

If you want to create an ontrend room this year you just can’t do it without adding at least a dash of blue in a shade that takes your fancy.

“Earlier this year, Dazzling Blue was named 2014’s Pantone colour of spring,” says Claire Hornby, creative stylist at Barker and Stonehouse. “It has been a key influencer on the trend for this colour in our homes as we head towards the colder winter months.

“This bold hue is ideal for those wanting to make a vibrant statement. If you lack colour confidence, there’s a great choice of shades for your decor scheme, from refined indigo and ocean blues to calming, barely-there pastel hues like sky blue.

“If your space is small, simply use decorative cushions, patterned throws and rugs – a little touch goes a long way. For maximum impact, paint all four walls dark blue and key furniture pieces, maybe a chest or shelves, in a lighter shade.”