DRAMATIC video footage captured from an armed siege in Burnopfield shows the moment a man threw petrol bombs at police on Wednesday.

Trained negotiators, protected by officers wearing riot gear, try to encourage the 47-year-old to come to the window.

When he does, the man, who is refusing to leave his home in Burnopfield, County Durham, lobs a glass bottle filled with accelerant, which lands harmlessly in front of the group.

But moments later he launches another burning projectile, which explodes in a fireball at the feet of officers.

Flames spread to the fence of garden across from the man in Lintz Terrace before the fire is extinguished.

The drama began at around 1pm on Wednesday when police were called to the home of man claiming to be suffering from mental health problems.

When they arrived he threw half a dozen petrol bombs at them.

Armed officers were called and surrounded the property and the stand-off has been going on throughout the night and into Thursday.