POLICE have warned action will be taken against anyone caught deliberately damaging property of elderly people.

The warning came following complaints from 84-year-old Emrys Lewis, who had his car scratched, shed damaged and washing line cut.

Mr Lewis, who served in the RAF at the height of the Cold War, has lived in The Bye, The Grove, near Consett, for over ten years.

He has reported around 15 incidents to the police over the years and said he is fed up of having his property damaged.

Mr Lewis said: “It is just annoying. There is no need for it. I would like to know who is doing it.”

John Hinds, from The Grove Community and Residents Association, is supporting Mr Lewis, and hopes to get better security around his home from the housing association, Karbon Homes.

Inspector Keith Wardle, from Consett Police, said: “We are not getting huge problems with anti-social behaviour down there at the minute, but if people are identified as having targeted vulnerable victims they run the risk of prosecution.”