A MAN walked into a house uninvited before sexually assaulting a young mother as she was holding her child.

Durham Crown Court was told Dean McCamley, 29, also committed a sex assault on the woman’s mother, in front of her grandchildren, during the “terrifying” incident on the evening of December 13, last year.

Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said the young mother went outside in the hope McCamley, who had been drinking and had taken drugs, would leave.

He followed her and made lewd comments as to what he wanted to do with the concerned woman.

Mr Dodds said McCamley followed her back into the house and said he would not leave, sitting down in the living room with cans of lager and stating he wanted to have sex with the young mother while her mother babysat the children.

Mr Dodds said the woman texted a neighbour who confronted McCamley, who then left.

Police were able to find and arrest McCamley as he had told the women he was called Dean and had indicated where he lived.

Three weeks before his scheduled trial in September, McCamley’s brother, Dale, 28, crossed paths with the neighbour, who was to be a witness in the case, and kneed him in the face.

On the day of his trial, Dean McCamley, of Poplar Street, Stanley, admitted two counts of sexual assault. Dale McCamley admitted witness intimidation.

Liam O’Brien, for Dean McCamley, said he was “truly disgusted” at his behaviour and apologised to the victims' family.

Matthew Crowe, for Dale McCamley, said he was remorseful.

Jailing Dean McCamley for four-and-a-half years, and Dale to 22 months, Judge Christopher Prince said had they been so remorseful, they could have spared the victims the anxiety of preparing for a contested court case, by making earlier admissions.

He said they had been put through, “a truly terrifying event”, leaving at least one of the children, with “a severe psychological impact”.

Lifetime restraining orders were passed by the judge preventing both brothers from approaching close to anywhere the victims, including the attacked witness, may be living.