A BLIND resident who removes weeds and picks up litter despite his disability has been honoured with an award.

As well as cleaning up the streets near his home in South Moor, Stanley, Malcolm Watson has successfully campaigned on local issues such as bus shelters in need of repairs, rubbish bins being left out and overhanging trees.

He has now been presented with a Caring For Your Environment Award for his dedication and passion for improving the area.

Oliver Sherratt, who sits as the interim chair of the County Durham Environment Partnership, said: “I was delighted to present Malcolm with this award, which recognises people and organisations who through their actions can inspire others.

“I was so impressed that lack of sight has not affected his passion for his neighbourhood, and what he has achieved has been for the benefit of the whole community, not just those that are blind or partially sighted.”

Malcolm was also presented with a copy of his Caring for your Environment Award in braille.