A CHARITY and council team that aims to make life easier for people affected by cancer wants to hear from organisations that can help.

Macmillan Joining the Dots County Durham is a partnership between Durham County Council and Macmillan Cancer Support.

It aims to improve the opportunity for people affected by cancer to have clear and easy access from the point of diagnosis to support for the individual holistic needs of themselves, carers or relatives.

Organisers recognise that everyone affected by cancer will have different concerns and need different levels of support.

Some will needs help to deal with practical issues such as walking their dog, getting to and from hospital, cleaning the house, doing the shopping and increased spending and smaller income and others will benefit from emotional support, someone to talk to or get out the house with, advice on relationships or help with lifestyle changes.

As part of the project development the Joining the Dots team hopes to identify any community services and organisations that may be able to offer support, what they can do to help and how the team can enable individuals to access them.

Anyone who knows of such groups or is involved with a service that may be able to help is asked to let the team know by emailing JoiningtheDots@durham.gov.uk