FAMILIES are to be asked to check if the voter information for their homes is correct.

As part of Durham County Council’s annual canvass, households will soon receive a form checking the information held on the electoral register.

David Collingwood, Durham County Council’s electoral services manager, said: “It is important to respond to the request for information, even if there has been no change to the details, as otherwise people may be lost from the register and be unable to vote in future local and national elections.”

Confirming details is quick and simple - and being registered to vote can help to improve a person’s credit rating.

If all of the information on the form is correct people can return it in the envelope provided. Postage is free.

There is also an option available to request a postal vote or to opt out from being on the open register. If information is incorrect, it can also be amended on the form and returned to the council’s electoral services team.