THE amount people pay for non-residential care could be increased in a bid to save a local authority £800,000.

At their latest meeting today, members of Durham County Council's cabinet voted in favour of recommendations to hold a consultation on changes to the Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) - the minimum amount recipients should be left with after paying for their social care.

The council currently allows residents to have the MIG with a 25 per cent buffer but said it would be looking to reduce this to 18.6 per cent - in line with the Department of Health's national guidelines.

In a report by Jane Robinson, corporate director of the council's adult and health services, changes would range from a single person, aged 18 to 24, receiving 55p less to a single pensioner receiving £10.20 less in allowances.

The changes would only apply to new service users and a 12-week public consultation will now take place.

A further report will be considered by cabinet in March 2018.